Consulting Services

A sound credit culture that is fully understood by the board, management, and officers is key to maintaining or creating a quality portfolio.

Consulting Services

In addition to its standard course offerings, Paragon Hill offers consulting services so lenders can create and customize their own training program to better incorporate their own credit culture into their education curriculum.


  • Credit Culture & Policy Consulting
Credit Culture & Policy Consulting

A sound credit culture that is fully understood by the board, management, and officers is key to maintaining or creating a quality portfolio.  Paragon Hill can help senior management meet its portfolio objectives by assisting in establishing and communicating loan underwriting processes and standards.

  • Credit Culture Evaluation, Recommendation, and Implementation

Before instituting a change in credit culture, it is critical to understand the employees’ perception of the existing culture.  Once the evaluation of a credit culture is completed, a change in credit culture can then be developed incorporating benchmarking, market specific criteria and individual bank objectives.

  • Credit Policies & Procedures

At the heart of a strong credit culture are clear, concise credit policies and procedures that reinforce the consistent application of credit underwriting standards and processes.  Paragon Hill’s credit policy consulting includes the development of appropriate risk rating structures, approval documents, and lending parameters.

  • Credit Training Needs Assessment
Credit Training Needs Assessment

Credit training programs, whether introductory or continuing education, may not necessarily address the needs of the targeted audience.  Paragon Hill can provide an assessment of the bank’s credit objectives and the employees’ skill levels to ensure employees have the skills & knowledge necessary to implement the bank’s strategy and to maintain a high level of risk analysis.

  • Virtual Training Platform
Virtual Training Platform

If you are interested in virtual training but do not have access to a virtual training platform, Paragon Hill can provide the platform (Adobe Connect) at no additional cost.  Adobe Connect is a robust virtual training platform that allows for breakout teams, polling questions, and other interactive activities.  Should you want to use your bank’s virtual training platform, our instructors have experience with various other tools including Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom.


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